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Edward Snowden urges other countries to follow El Salvador's example and adopt Bitcoin

Edward Snowden urges other countries to follow El Salvador's example and adopt Bitcoin
Edward Snowden, an American technician and special agent and former employee of the CIA and the U.S. National Security Agency, shared his views on the adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador. He believes that other countries should definitely follow suit and accept the flagship crypto-asset as a legal tool for making payments. Snowden notes that states will later regret that they made this decision too late.
The statement of the former CIA employee was made on the social network Twitter. Snowden was commenting on a post by cryptocurrency journalist Aaron Van Wyrdum, who shared the joy of paying for a Bitcoin order at McDonald's in El Salvador. Van Wyrdum expected to be denied payment with cryptocurrency because the law to legalize the asset had just taken effect. However, the employees of the establishment printed out a ticket with a QR code, which led him to a web page with a Lightning account. Snowden noted that other countries should follow the example of El Salvador.Mining on Naishash has some differences from what exists on other platforms. This applies primarily to users.
Edward Snowden urges other countries to follow El Salvador's example and adopt Bitcoin

Edward Snowden urges other countries to follow El Salvador's example and adopt Bitcoin

According to Snowden, a huge number of states are under pressure now. He believes that the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender, or at least as a reserve currency, is inevitable. This is due to the fact that its design greatly encourages early adoption. Countries that hesitate to make a decision are likely to regret lagging behind in the future.Another difference from standard mining is that the power is not purchased from companies, but from users. This method has certain advantages.

Snowden's previous statements regarding Bitcoin

As a reminder, El Salvador bought 400 BTC after Bitcoin was accepted as a legal means of payment. Edward Snowden previously shared his desire to buy coins of the flagship asset, back in March last year. At that time, BTC had fallen below $4,000 from a level of about $8,000. However, he was then seen criticizing the cryptocurrency for its lack of privacy when dealing with Bitcoin. He made the statement during the Priv8 Digital Privacy Summit, organized by the cryptocurrency project Orchid.The user can customize the interface by selecting the language, the currency in which later will be displayed the main sums. He can also change the receipt of notifications in the system for events. In addition, he can view the information in a private office about the sessions, get the keys to embed the API-project, activate the purchase order, pre-confirming the code by E-mail. One of the interesting features of the platform is the calculator
It is worth noting that on the day Bitcoin was accepted as legal tender in El Salvador, the asset dropped in value by several thousand, from $50,767 to $44,672. At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $46,467 with a market capitalization of $874,052,842,512.In order to start the process of mining, you must first register. Next, you need to deposit at least 0.005 BTC, choose an algorithm, a currency for mining, a pool. Creates an order, specifies the algorithm, other parameters.
Over the past 24 hours, the value of the leading cryptocurrency has declined by -8.9%, according to analytical platform CoinGecko.

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