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P2P Cryptocurrency Trading (OTC) Security Rules

P2P Cryptocurrency Trading (OTC) Security Rules
While traders are recovering from the night fall in bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance sent out a letter to its users, in which it recalled the basic rules of trading on its Binance P2P platform. However, these tips are universal, so they are suitable for anyone who is engaged in OTC cryptocurrency trading.
Additional commissions cannot be charged

Charging additional commissions is prohibited. The price indicated in the announcement must be final and include all possible commissions, including the commission of the user's bank.
P2P Cryptocurrency Trading (OTC) Security Rules

P2P Cryptocurrency Trading (OTC) Security Rules

It is impossible to appeal out of case

It is prohibited to block the assets of other users for reasons of personal hostility and to throw out support with appeals. Some users use unfair methods of competition, the exchange strictly and immediately suppresses such tricks. If the support staff notices the repeated opening of transactions without payment, direct or indirect hints about the need to change the price, then such users will also be sanctioned, up to a permanent ban on the P2P site.
You can't swear and insult

In the process of communicating with other users, it is necessary to refrain from insults and profanity. It is important to maintain a culture of communication and respect for clients and colleagues.
You cannot transfer communication with the counterparty from the deal chat to instant messengers

All correspondence related to the order must take place strictly in the transaction chat in order to avoid possible risks and fraud. Correspondence with the counterparty within the P2P platform can be taken into account by the support service when resolving disputes.
It is impossible to break the sequence of the transaction

It is forbidden to offer users to complete the transaction before payment under any pretext. Such messages from buyers are regarded as fraudulent and these users will be blocked forever. All users should know the main rule of safe transactions - do not transfer assets to the buyer without payment under any circumstances. Only in this case you can be sure of your safety.

As you can see, nothing complicated.

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