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How to make money on binary options for a beginner?

How to make money on binary options for a beginner?
How To Make Money With Binary Options? How much income can there be? How can I learn this? You can find the answers to these questions below.
The brokers on this marketplace are actually ordinary bookmakers. It is beneficial for them that people lose money: this is their net income. Moreover, they do not even deceive anyone, but profit from newcomers who believe that this exchange is a casino and is designed for luck.
How to make money on binary options for a beginner?

How to make money on binary options for a beginner?

The first rule for a beginner to remember: Binary options are not a casino!
Of course, you can make a choice at random and then the probability of your winning will be 50%, but it is better not to do this for one reason. When you win, the percentage of your earnings is 60-80% of the amount, and when you lose, the percentage is 100. That is, you lose more than you earn. And this means that you need to learn how to maintain profit.
How to make money on this exchange?
You should understand that your profit directly depends on the initial capital. It is worth concluding deals only for 2-3% of the total amount, because otherwise you can make several unprofitable purchases in a row and lose absolutely everything.
Example: your capital is 2 thousand rubles. 3% of 2000 = 60 rubles. You have made 10 purchases, if 6 of them are winning, then 4 are unprofitable. This means that the profitability is as much as 60% out of 100.
Do not be alarmed if you expect 4-8 losses in a row, this happens even with professionals. Conclusions should be made by looking, for example, at 100 concluded deals. If 80 of them are unsuccessful, then think about the fact that you are doing something wrong.
A few important tips:
At the first stage, you need to learn not to lose what you have. If you learn to preserve capital, you will gradually begin to develop and make a profit.
Do not enter into transactions for more than 4% of your total capital, otherwise you risk losing everything.

Trading methods
Technical analysis is the construction of different types of trend lines, the placement of indicators, the calculation of midpoints between the lower and upper prices, etc.
Psychological analysis. Its essence lies in the analysis of human behavior. An illustrative example: you wanted to buy headphones that cost 10,000 rubles, but you did not have that amount. At some point, a big discount is set on these headphones and they are sold for 2000r. Of course, you and many other people will purchase these headphones.
Accordingly, this type of trade is based on assessing the demand on the exchange.
Fundamental analysis is price prediction based on upcoming news. For example, a civil war broke out in the United States. It follows from this that the value of the dollar will decrease.
Earning strategies
Moving averages. This method shows the average price of a currency over a given period of time. SMA (as this indicator is named in the menu) is built automatically. The essence of this method is as follows: you draw two lines, one at 60, the other at 4. Let's call the first moving average letter D, and the second R. If R crosses D from below, then you buy currency, if from above, then you sell.
Zones of maximum and minimum. You highlight two places on the chart in which the line sharply went in the opposite direction. One is at the low of the price, the other is at the high. Thus, the lower zone and the upper zone will become some kind of movement restrictions. When the price approaches critical points, the chart is likely to reverse and go in the opposite direction. You can use this strategy together with the past.
Candlesticks show the movement of the chart at specific intervals. Thanks to this, you can determine the next reversal of the lines.

It is possible to make money on trading platforms. If you are confident in your abilities, then be sure to try yourself in a new undertaking, maybe you will become a new millionaire.

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