A new look at the canceled successor to Windows XP [VIDEO]

A new video has appeared on the network with a demonstration of the canceled Windows Longhorn operating system, which was supposed to be released in the interval between Windows XP and Windows 7. This time you can see how in the early 2000s Microsoft wanted to organize collaboration between different users within its OS.
According to the available information, Windows Longhorn was developed between 2001 and 2004 and should replace Windows XP, but the project was eventually canceled, releasing instead the long-suffering Windows Vista, based on Windows Server 2003.
In the video, you can see that Windows Longhorn was significantly different from previous versions of "windows". For example, in the Start menu there are animated three-dimensional icons, and on the side there is a special panel that displays the status of your favorite contacts, notifications, reminders, news and other useful information. But special attention was paid to joint work. So, in the mail application, the presence of users was displayed in real time, it was possible to correspond in chat and even exchange files.
Other interesting features of Windows Longhorn include an advanced calendar and a special workspace where you could organize joint work with documents, exchange all kinds of files, schedule events, and much more.
Many of the features shown did not appear in Windows until years later.

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