Firefox browser received a massive redesign [VIDEO]

The Mozilla developers have made a number of major changes to the design of the new version of the application, taking into account user preferences. The innovations affected not only the shape of the icons, but also the structure of the interface, as well as the default privacy settings.
When creating a new design called Proton, the company relied on statistics on the use of key features of the application. In particular, it became known that on average 43% of clicks when working with Firefox are made to the tabs area, 33% to the address bar and about 5% to the bookmarks bar. Based on this data, many interface elements have been modified or removed.
The redesign touched on navigation icons and elements of both the main and context menus, the order of the items of which has been changed for ease of access to frequently used functions. Active tabs no longer merge with the background - the browser highlights them using rounded corners. At the same time, background tabs are not separated by spaces and are highlighted only on hover.
In addition, the developers have changed the set of built-in browser tools to increase the level of privacy of user data. In particular, now in the private browsing mode, protection against tracking (collection of cookies) is active by default.
Another important change is the new implementation of toast notifications, which, according to the developers, have become more informative. Finally, the browser color palette has been completely redesigned.
Firefox 89 can already be downloaded on the official website of the developer or update the current version through the browser settings menu

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