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Americans want Bitcoin!

Americans want Bitcoin!
Despite the fact that Bitcoin is still going through a difficult period in its development, the popularity of the leading asset continues to grow. Just 3 days ago, the head of El Salvador, Naib Bukele, announced that the authorities would pay all citizens $ 30 in BTC to their e-wallets.
The President introduced a special wallet Chivo, with the help of which Bitcoin will be sent to users. Everyone who uses the wallet can not only receive cryptocurrency, but also transfer it.

This decision is natural, since the government is taking all measures to ensure that Bitcoin, as soon as possible, was adopted in El Salvador. Since the advertising campaign is powerful and became known all over the world, Americans also joined in.
Americans want Bitcoin!

Americans want Bitcoin!

Now the hashtag "#PayMeInBitcoin" has become extremely popular in the US. As you know, so far only a few American states formulate legislative norms for the circulation of cryptocurrencies on their territory.

The leader in this area is the state of Arizona. A number of bills are currently under consideration in the state, which indicate that cryptocurrency can become a means of payment. If laws are passed, then Arizona will be the first state where taxes can be paid in BTC. If the state does, then others will join. In particular, the states of Texas, Montana, Kansas are considering this issue.
In the meantime, the US federal authorities are very wary of all cryptocurrencies, not just BTC. But residents of many states are demanding from the authorities that Bitcoin be recognized as legal tender. A paradoxical situation arises - El Salvador becomes the world leader in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, and the United States finds itself in the outsiders.
All because the bureaucratic machine in Washington is slowing down the process, other countries are taking appropriate measures to introduce Bitcoin. Particularly in Canada, many companies already pay salaries in BTC.

Similarly, they operate in New Zealand, where the payment of wages in the military-technical cooperation is also legalized. Most likely this year the same will be done in Japan, Estonia, Switzerland.
Thus, while the cryptocurrency market is experiencing certain problems, the cryptocurrencies themselves continue to conquer the traditional financial system. El Salvador may well become the flagship of BTC promotion around the world, and American citizens also do not want to stay away from this process.

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