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Disabling miners in China and banning cryptocurrencies. Main events of the week

Disabling miners in China and banning cryptocurrencies. Main events of the week
MicroStrategy announced a possible purchase of bitcoins for another $ 1 billion, transaction fees on the Ethereum network fell by 90% in a month, the US Republican Party began accepting donations in digital currencies and other news of the past working week


In the Chinese province of Yunnan, miners were ordered to complete work

The region's energy bureau will conduct a series of inspections to identify clandestine cryptocurrency mining farms

MicroStrategy announced the possible purchase of bitcoins for another $ 1 billion

To acquire the first cryptocurrency, a company can sell its shares. She also announced the successful placement of bonds in the amount of $ 500 million, which will be invested in bitcoin.

The Bank of Russia again opposed the use of cryptocurrencies within the country

The head of the regulator Elvira Nabiullina called digital assets a monetary surrogate and explained the complexity of their regulation at the national level

Ethereum transaction fees drop 90% in a month

The average commission for altcoin transfers has dropped to a 6-month low. Several major factors contributed to this.

Bank of Indonesia has banned the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

The head of the regulator Perry Vargillo explained that digital assets cannot be considered a payment instrument under the current legislation

Shiba Inu Token Rises 27% Following Coinbase Pro Listing Announcement

Also on Thursday, June 17th, marketplace users will have access to Chilliz and Keep coins.
Disabling miners in China and banning cryptocurrencies. Main events of the week

Disabling miners in China and banning cryptocurrencies. Main events of the week


Bitcoin rate plummets after the publication of the report of the Fed

The cost of the first cryptocurrency again fell below $ 39 thousand, the stock market also fell in price

World Bank refused to support El Salvador in the transition to bitcoin

The use of cryptocurrency at the state level is not something that an international financial institution is ready to help, since it considers the first digital coin not transparent enough

The head of General Motors allowed the sale of cars for bitcoins

Mary Barra named the condition under which the company will start accepting cryptocurrency for payment

GOP started accepting cryptocurrency donations

You can deposit funds in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Payments are processed by BitPay, which immediately converts digital coins into US dollars

Electricity to miners to be cut off in Sichuan until June 20

Due to its cheap electricity, the Chinese province was popular with miners. Now the regional authorities have banned the mining of cryptocurrency

Goldman Sachs Will Increase Bitcoin Trading Volumes

American bank will start working with cryptocurrency futures through Mike Novogratz's company Galaxy Digital

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