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NFT now in the world of fashion magazines

NFT now in the world of fashion magazines
The Singapore edition of international magazine Vogue is offering NFT for Luxury Fashion, offering a QR code in its September issue that gives access to two digital covers created by fashion designers and available as NFT.
The first NFT cover featured in Vogue Singapore for September, which appeared on newsstands Aug. 25, is "The RenaiXance Rising." It was created by digital fashion house The Fabricant along with Singapore-based artist Shavonne Wong, cryptonews reports.
NFT now in the world of fashion magazines

NFT now in the world of fashion magazines

In its instagram account, the magazine notes that "this programmable, non-interchangeable token changes position and lighting depending on the time of life in Singapore."

The second cover of NFT's September magazine, "Triumphant Awakening," was created by 3D artist Chad Knight in partnership with Singapore-based design studio Baëlf Design, which, according to Vogue Singapore, embodied a fractal headdress created by artificial intelligence.
It is noted that this initiative is part of a joint large-scale project of 27 editions of the magazine. According to Vogue Singapore, they are meant to "unite under the global theme of 'A New Beginning' as a hopeful statement on the path to a new dawn.

The publication also notes that for employees, considering new beginnings is tantamount to exploring the intersection of fashion and technology.
According to the magazine, the emergence of NFT as a new contemporary market for digital designers and creators has prompted the magazine to develop 2 digital covers. In addition to these, Vogue Singapore is also expanding its presence in the NFT world through other initiatives in partnership with renowned fashion designers.

For example, "to celebrate his 10th anniversary as creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rusten designed an exclusive virtual "Flame Dress" specifically for Vogue Singapore, which is available for purchase as NFT."
Earlier this month, Vogue Singapore also released a series of mystery boxes, each a piece of NFT artwork developed by fashion magazine and digital media firm Robot Playground Media in partnership with NFT platform Brytehall and production company NFT NFKings Productions. The mystery boxes contain NFT artwork depicting the moment of sunrise in 10 selected cities.

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