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Paraguay hints to accept bitcoin as a means of payment following El Salvador

Paraguay hints to accept bitcoin as a means of payment following El Salvador
El Salvador will legalize cryptocurrency payments, Paraguay announces the preparation of an ambitious project, the finance ministers of Norway and Iran approve advanced technologies, and Ukraine prepares both for legalization and for strengthening its positions in the mining market.
It looks like the authorities of Paraguay have decided to follow the positive example of Paraguay. MP Carlos Antonio Rejala said the government is working on a major project that will include Bitcoin and PayPal. The latter, we recall, previously provided access to key cryptocurrencies to millions of its clients from the United States.
Paraguay hints to accept bitcoin as a means of payment following El Salvador

Paraguay hints to accept bitcoin as a means of payment following El Salvador

According to the deputy, the ambitious project, the details of which have not yet been disclosed, will put Paraguay at the forefront of the innovation space. By tradition, Rehala added to his photo the effect of "laser eyes" - a symbol of confidence that the BTC rate will reach $ 100,000.
Earlier, in the same way, the cryptocurrency was supported by the President of Salvador Nayib Bukele. He also confirmed that the bill to accept bitcoin as a means of payment has been sent to the local Congress. The approval will make El Salvador the first state to legalize bitcoin as a full-fledged currency. Citizens already have a positive experience of interacting with digital assets - the Bitcoin Beach program was operating in the coastal regions of El Salvador.
Note that after the decisive step of El Salvador, the finance ministers of Iran and Norway spoke out with positive assessments of the cryptocurrency and blockchain. Both countries play a significant role in the market. Iran became the location of a number of mining farms, and also switched to settlements in bitcoin on the international market. The Norwegian state pension fund, known as the Oil Fund, indirectly owns bitcoins by holding shares in the market's largest investor, MicroStrategy.
Also, the heavyweight of the new market intends to enter the game - Ukraine, whose citizens occupy the 1st place in the world in terms of the activity of cryptocurrency users. Commenting on the possible adoption by the Verkhovna Rada deputies of the adoption of the draft law "On virtual assets", the head of the Ministry of Finance Mikhail Fedorov noted that in fact it is about legalizing the possibility of buying something for cryptocurrency or exchanging it for usual banknotes. In addition, the European state intends to use one of its advantages in mining - the presence of powerful nuclear power plants. On the basis of two of them - the Zaporozhye and Rivne NPPs - Bitcoin mining centers are already being erected.

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