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TOP 4 wallets for staking cryptocurrencies

TOP 4 wallets for staking cryptocurrencies
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    1 What is cryptocurrency staking?
        1.1 Ledger Nano S
        1.2 Exodus
        1.3 Atomic Wallet
        1.4 Trust Wallet
In the cryptocurrency space, staking is gaining momentum every day. In addition to special staking pools, ordinary crypto wallets are trying to get into this sector. In this article, we will briefly describe what staking is and which wallets support this way of earning.
TOP 4 wallets for staking cryptocurrencies

TOP 4 wallets for staking cryptocurrencies

What is cryptocurrency staking?

Staking is the procedure for storing crypto assets in order to automatically confirm transactions and ensure the security of the network. In simple words, the investor blocks N-number of assets on the wallet and receives a certain reward for this. There are four of the most popular wallets that implement staking. Let's walk through them.
Ledger nano s

This hardware wallet is considered the most secure in the cryptocurrency space. With it, you can not only store assets, but also stake them in the Ledger Live app. All you need to do is to transfer assets to staking for blocking for a certain time, after which passive income will be accrued. For example, you can get up to 8% per annum on DASH staking.

This multi-currency wallet is available for both desktops and mobile devices. It also syncs easily with another Trezor hardware wallet. However, the number of supported assets for staking is not very large: Algorand, Cardano, Cosmos, NEO / GAS, ONT / ONG, Solana and Tezos.
Atomic wallet

This is an exact copy of the Exodus wallet, only fully cross-platform (including Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora). For staking, you need to transfer assets to a special address that the wallet will generate. Staking rewards will be credited to the personal address of a particular cryptocurrency. Currently, Atomic Wallet will be able to stake Tezos, Cosmos, Neo, VeChain and Ontology.

Trust wallet

This wallet is mobile and supported by the Binance exchange, so there is no need to worry about asset safety at all

Staking Trust Wallet is as easy as shelling pears. In the mobile application, select the Finance tab, after which a list of assets for staking will be available. For example, BNB's annual staking rate is 28%. The minimum deposit amount for staking is 1 BNB. Thus, there is a real opportunity to receive 0.28 BNB per year on full liability, which is currently $ 150. Let's summarize

We've reviewed four top staking wallets. They can be safely used if you are a supporter of wallets and do not trust exchanges and staking pools. If not, we recommend using the Binance exchange for this purpose, where you can stake over 30 cryptocurrencies for different periods, for example, 7 or 30 days. The choice is only yours.

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