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What is cloud mining? Ranking the best sites in 2021

What is cloud mining? Ranking the best sites in 2021
Ever since bitcoin mining became more difficult and less profitable, many crypto-enthusiasts have turned their attention to cloud mining. And there are several reasons for that. Cloud mining providers provide users with their mining equipment for rent in accordance with the selected tariff. And such cooperation has a lot of advantages.

First, mining cryptocurrency in the cloud provides a much higher profitability, because cloud mining operators perform the necessary maintenance. In addition, cloud mining technologies use smart algorithms to select the best and most profitable strategies that will bring good passive income.

Another important point is the environmental benefits and sustainability of smart mining. In other words, cloud mining makes the process of earning bitcoins most efficient by optimizing the mining equipment, taking advantage of the local climate, and using renewable energy sources.

Cloud mining is a convenient way to enter the bitcoin space without having to deal with complicated technical aspects and without having to buy equipment. However, choosing the right platform for cloud mining can be a real challenge, as you will need to consider many factors to make sure you choose the best platform and end up making a profit.


In 2018, convinced crypto-enthusiasts and IT experts decided to launch a new cloud mining platform that has achieved success in quite a short time. SHAMINING is a London-based company offering the global cryptocurrency community high-quality and inexpensive mining services in the most efficient way. The key idea here is the efficient use of shared hash power. So far, the provider has attracted 17000+ crypto investors from different countries, which allows the platform to develop and move forward. Many users have already noted SHAMINING as a reliable cloud mining site with stable revenues and customer-friendly policy.

The platform promises quite high returns depending on the cloud mining contract option chosen. There are two main classes of miners:

Lite Power - this is the first tier for bitcoin mining with low yields.
Pro Power is a sophisticated level of BTC mining that promises really high profitability from cloud mining.

Right now, the claimed yields on the SHAMINING cloud mining platform range from 143% to 156%, and the minimum entry amount is only $250. This makes SHAMINING one of the best cloud mining sites for first-time investors. The estimated monthly income on a $5,000 contract is $890. So, in just one year of using it, you can break the $10,680 mark.

Current available options for cloud mining on SHAMINING:

CPUs with 23,580 Gx/s and a yield of 143%. The price per Gx/s is $0.0120.
GPU with 94,340 Gh/s and 149% profitability. The price per 1 Gh/s is $ 0.0113.
ASIC with 235,849 Gh/s and 156% return. The price per 1 Gh/s is $ 0.0109.

Individual cloud mining plans with the highest returns are available upon request by contacting SHAMINING support.
What is cloud mining? Ranking the best sites in 2021

What is cloud mining? Ranking the best sites in 2021


GPminers is an online and mobile cloud mining platform operated by a British company. GPminers currently owns three green data center parks in Iceland, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

The minimum deposit amount is $500 and the average rate of return is 150%. You can choose a personalized annual plan and a suitable hash power right after registration. Let's take a close look at the returns. By investing $5,000 in cloud mining contracts at GPminers, you will receive $650 as a monthly return. So in one year of bitcoin mining, your net passive income will be $7800.

You can start mining cryptocurrency on GPminers with the following plans:

Star: (90,000 Gx/s with a yield of 143%. The price per 1 Gh/s is $0.0120.
Professional: 450 000 Gh/s with yield of 149%. The price per 1 Gh/s is $0.0120.
Smart: 2 000 000 Gh/s with a yield of 156%. The price for 1 Gh/s is $0.0120.
VIP plan with unlimited hash capacity and the highest yield. Figures on request.

The main reason why many crypto investors prefer GPminers is the easy and affordable access to miners from anywhere in the world. To start earning bitcoins, all you have to do is create an account, get verified and rent a miner.

Immediately after purchasing the contract, you will start earning cryptocurrency and get paid daily. As you can see, in the case of GPminers, anyone, including an absolute beginner, can become a cryptoinvestor without a big investment.

CCG Mining

CCG Mining is a cloud mining provider headquartered in London. The project was launched in 2016, and so far the company has gained the trust of more than 50,000 private and corporate clients. CCG Mining owns six representative offices located in five countries: UK, Russia, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic and Latvia.

The loyal pricing policy is the main advantage of CCG's cloud mining platform, and a wide range of contracts should also be noted, including several popular options.

The Mini is a trial contract with a $ 0.00017 service fee per 1 Gx/s per day. The current price is $10.99 for 100 Gx/s.
Starter is the most popular cloud mining plan for beginner crypto investors. The maintenance fee is $0.00017 per 1 Gx/sec daily. The price is $45.99 for 400 Gx/s.
Pro is a high performance plan with the highest returns for experienced crypto investors.

All types of cloud mining contracts are available at CCG Mining for either one year or an unlimited term. The main advantages are the one-time investment, the lowest electricity rates with 100% uptime and full system downtime coverage. In addition, by purchasing a cloud mining contract, you become a business partner of the company.

An additional advantage is the affiliate program that includes regular withdrawals of additional funds, instant direct payments to your BTC wallet and unlimited referral potential. You can join the affiliate program by creating a referral link in your account.

Genesis Mining

The next cloud mining provider is Genesis Mining, which positions itself as the largest technology company in the bitcoin mining industry with mining technology. The organization was founded in late 2013, and currently allows customers to choose a mining algorithm and start earning coins in minutes. The only problem is that the available cloud mining contracts at Genesis Mining sell out very quickly. You should definitely be lucky enough to create an account and start mining cryptocurrency on this popular site.

Genesis Mining has a pretty good hash rate, so users get daily payouts with good returns. Currently, it is most profitable to mine Ethereum with a maximum 24-month tariff. There are no maintenance fees in such a contract, which makes it a good choice for first-time investors with small amounts of entry).

Note that all types of cloud mining contracts involve a one-time payment (up-front payment) for the duration of the plan, not based on a monthly subscription model (as most cloud mining providers do).


Number five in the ranking is reliable cloud mining provider, headquartered in Moscow. Founded in early 2018, the company offers international customers stable and profitable bitcoin cloud mining services under contracts of different levels.

Currently, it brings together a pool of its own ASIC miners in large data centers in Russia, as well as equipment of individuals wishing to join the global cryptocurrency community. In fact, owners of mining rigs are invited to rent their machines at partner data centers, and it's a good idea.

To start the cloud mining process at BeMine, make a deposit to your cryptocurrency wallet in BTC or altcoins, or via e-wallets or Visa/MasterCard. Importantly, the company doesn't charge a deposit fee.

Another advantage of cloud mining on the BeMine platform is quick and easy payouts. When 0.005 BTC is accumulated, users can send a withdrawal request in the "Wallet" section. Immediately after that, the mined coins will be sent to the specified address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining is a technology that allows mining bitcoins and altcoins using rented computing power. Unlike traditional ASIC bitcoin mining, this form of coin mining is done through the cloud. This means that you don't need to purchase and manage any hardware and software to get the coins.

What is a cloud mining provider?

Cloud mining providers are for-profit companies that allow crypto investors to open an account and connect remotely to the cloud mining process from anywhere in the world. They usually operate their own data centers and maintain their own equipment.

Is cloud mining safe?

When you're dealing with legitimate, reliable cloud mining providers, the process of mining cryptocurrency through the cloud is completely safe and reliable.

Is cloud mining safe?

When you're dealing with legitimate, reliable cloud mining providers, the process of mining cryptocurrency through the cloud is completely safe and reliable.

Is any technical knowledge required?

With a cloud mining platform, you can earn bitcoins without any technical knowledge. Just buy a contract, rent a miner, and track your daily passive income.

Is cloud mining legal?

Earning bitcoins through cloud mining on verified websites is 100% legal in most countries. The exceptions are countries such as Ecuador, Egypt or China where cloud mining is currently illegal.

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