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Forex trading systems. Manual or automatic?

Forex trading systems. Manual or automatic?
For successful trading in the foreign exchange market, having a proven and profitable trading strategy is one of the undeniable axioms. A set of principles and rules for entering and exiting the market are designed not only to increase the chance of making a profit, but to systematize the trading process and maintain the discipline of the trader. As you know, all systems of work in Forex can be conditionally divided into automated (robotic programs) and manual. For novice traders, the question of choosing between these fundamentally different types of strategies will be relevant.
Automated systems of work in Forex (ATC) have their own significant advantages inherent in all programs:

- Speed ​​and accuracy of all types of operations. The robots independently perform the technical analysis inherent in them, track several currency pairs at the same time, place and edit trade orders, and close orders at set prices. All these operations take a few seconds.
- Round-the-clock work. The automated systems of work in Forex will perform their functions 24 hours a day until they are turned off. No trader is capable of this.
- Elimination of the emotional component of the trading process. Programs are not subject to psychological impact. Accordingly, nothing can affect the correct decision-making laid down by the programmer.

Forex trading systems. Manual or automatic?

But with all the significant advantages, ATS also has certain disadvantages that complicate their use in some cases:
- Complexity of development and creation. Some "manual" methods cannot be transferred into the program code, due to the complexity of the analytical method and the many accompanying nuances, which are simply unrealistic to take into account.
- Exclusion of fundamental analysis. Forex automated systems cannot take this method into account. Tracking the release of important news and fundamental indicators remains only directly with the trader, as well as their further application in the analysis.
- Lack of emotion, oddly enough, is also a disadvantage of the automatic telephone exchange, since the program can completely impartially, without stopping, "drain" your deposit. Therefore, when using robots, it is necessary to constantly monitor their results.
- Force majeure situations. Automated Forex trading systems will cease to function in the event of a disconnection or power failure, will not be able to contact your broker by phone and continue trading.
Having considered all of the above, we can say with confidence that the use of trading robots significantly reduces the time a trader spends on "sitting" at the terminal, providing additional opportunities for expanding activities. But at the same time, it is necessary to monitor and control their work, as well as to modernize the principles laid down in them, for a constantly changing market. The most rational solution in our case is if automated systems of work in Forex will function as a component of a general, manual strategy.

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