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Forex VS stock market. What beginners need to know who decide to try their hand at trading

Forex VS stock market. What beginners need to know who decide to try their hand at trading
Unfortunately, it often happens that, in order to increase their own income, people do not always carefully study the fundamental information about currency and stocks, but focus only on advertising the markets. What are the important things for beginners to know about Forex and the stock market in order to choose the most suitable option for themselves?
Trading - what is the job?
Trading refers to trading in financial instruments in order to profit from price changes. Both stocks and currencies act as commodities.
Thanks to the development of the Internet, earning from trading has become more affordable than before. Now, in order to get access to world quotes, or to become the owner of shares of large companies, it is enough to connect to the network. You can trade using a trading terminal, which is linked to accounts with brokerage companies that provide intermediary services in the market. Also, you can earn money by cooperating with a dealing center that provides access to the over-the-counter market. When concluding an agreement, funds are placed on the deposit, which will subsequently be used to buy securities, currency, raw materials, or derivatives-based goods.
But in order to decide for yourself which of the trading options is most suitable, it is important to study the advantages and disadvantages of each of the trading platforms.
Forex VS stock market. What beginners need to know who decide to try their hand at trading

Forex VS stock market. What beginners need to know who decide to try their hand at trading

Forex market: "for" or "against".
Forex is considered the largest financial market in the world in terms of trading volume. In addition, this market is over-the-counter, which means that it is not strongly limited by the framework of the legislation. Forex currencies are traded in pairs. The point of trading is to play on the price difference between the quotes of these pairs relative to each other. By opening a deposit with a market broker, the client gains access to the trading terminal, but the market assets remain virtual, and cannot be exchanged for physical currency.
The advantages of Forex include the following characteristics:
1. The market works around the clock, thanks to which it is possible to trade currency at any time of the day from any country in the world.
2. Convenient for novice traders, because easy to use and contains a large number of educational programs that teach how to work in this market.
3. The market is characterized by a high selection of brokers, due to which, everyone will choose suitable working conditions for themselves.
Among the minuses, there are such nuances as:
1. The need for profound knowledge in fundamental and technical analysis for productive work.
2. High risk of transactions and the instability of earnings due to the influence of external factors.
3. Inconvenience in long-term use due to the need for frequent short-term transactions.
Stock market: advantages and disadvantages.
The stock market is a platform where securities are traded through transactions between buyers and sellers. You can make money on the stock market as follows: by buying a security from a company, the investor makes a profit if the development of this organization is successful.
The positive characteristics of the stock market include:
1. Low risk of fraud on the investor due to government regulation of the exchange.
2. Assets can be brought into physical form.
3. Long-term use is possible (for example, due to dividends).
As for the shortcomings, they are:
1. Large amount of investment - if you trade without leverage, you have to pay for the purchased security in full.
2. At the exchange, you need to pay for depository services, which, with a small account, will seem expensive.
3. The established mode of operation is that you cannot trade on the stock market around the clock.

Thus, both of these sites are characterized by distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages, which makes each of them convenient in its own way. Which of the cooperation will be more profitable, everyone decides individually.

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