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Forex: what is swing trading?

Forex: what is swing trading?
Using the Forex currency exchange, you can purchase financial and investment instruments for the subsequent increase in capital. Today there are different trading options and different trading strategies, one of which is swing trading.
Swing trading as a trading strategy involves short-term investments. As a rule, we are talking about a period of 2-5 days. Thus, a trader using swing trading can leave an open position during this time in order to be able to close it at the time he needs when the purchased financial asset grows.
Forex: what is swing trading?

Forex: what is swing trading?

What is swing trading?
1. A trader who decides to use this trading strategy keeps a position open for no more than 5 days. It turns out that he does not need to monitor the market changes every second and constantly be at the computer, since this is not about intraday trading.
2. It is very important to choose the right time to enter the market, engaging in swing trading, which is considered a medium-term option for investing in Forex. For this, of course, it is necessary to analyze the market.
3. You can trade on the Forex market immediately after the so-called price rollback. It is known that a rollback lasts no more than 3-4 days.
4. When engaging in swing trading, a trader must:
- timely identify the trend;
- use support and resistance levels;
- open a position along the trend in a timely manner.
5. Since we are talking specifically about trading with a trend, carried out immediately after a price rollback, a trader's investment risks are reduced.
6. Even busy people who do not have the opportunity to constantly monitor changes in the market can be engaged in swing trading.
The specialists say that the main problem with swing trading is a significant weakening of the trader's connection with the foreign exchange market. Traders engaged in this kind of activity on Forex sometimes relax, do not monitor the foreign exchange market, which can lead to negative consequences of investment activity.
In general, swing trading allows more or less busy people involved in Forex trading to increase their capital without spending significant efforts and a lot of time on it. Swing trading is a good trading strategy option for people who do not have significant experience in trading currencies in the Forex market.

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