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How to buy Tesla, Apple, Coca-Cola stocks?

How to buy Tesla, Apple, Coca-Cola stocks?
How to invest in the US stocks and Indices with as little as 1 USD? Trade Tesla, Apple or Coca-Cola stocks as CFDs with 150% at Amega broker.
In consideration of the backdrop of the summer decrease in volatility in the foreign exchange market, many traders are turning their attention to the stock market. Key US indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P 500) set new all-time highs in June and demonstrate high volatility, which gives traders a good opportunity to earn money.
How to buy Tesla, Apple, Coca-Cola stocks?

How to buy Tesla, Apple, Coca-Cola stocks?

Equally attractive for traders are the stocks of the leading companies included in these indices. Stocks of Tesla, Coca Cola, Ford Motor Company, Moderna, NVIDIA and others retain good growth opportunities and may bring good returns to investors.

Tesla shares gained more than 700% in 2020, and in early 2021 the company's shares reached a record high of $ 884. After remaining at the record level for several weeks, the company's share price moved to a correction and fell to the level of $ 540.

Despite this, Tesla shares retain good growing potential and may show good profit by the end of the year. The total capitalization of Elon Musk's company exceeds $ 600 billion, against $ 240 billion of that of Toyota and $ 130 of Volkswagen. Tesla continues to actively increase sales and, unlike its competitors, Musk's company has so far managed to avoid problems associated with a shortage of microcircuits. Therefore, the company's stocks are still a good instrument for both long-term and short-term investments on the market.

Many traders remember the recent drop in Coca Cola shares' price after the football player Cristiano Ronaldo removed two bottles of Coca Cola at a press conference and showed the media a bottle of water.

Consequently, the company's shares’ price fell by more than 10.0% in 2 days. Despite the local decline, Coca Cola shares retain good potential for growth during the 2nd half of the year amid positive dynamics of the US stock market.

How to buy Tesla, Apple and Coca Cola stocks?

To trade these instruments, you do not need to have big capital and get access to the NYSE. It takes less than 5 minutes to open a trading account with Amega. All traders of the company have access to a wide range of trading tools, including a wide range of the best CFDs and American indices. Last but not least, there is no minimum deposit to start trading. You can trade on a real LIVE trading account with as little as $ 1.

What are CFDs and how to buy CFDs?

A CFD is a contract for the difference in price. In this case, the underlying asset is a share of companies or indices. In practice, working with these instruments does not differ from trading with real shares, with the exception of two key nuances - the asset is not transferred to the trader's ownership and dividends are not applicable in this case. By using CFDs, traders gain access to the stock market on more simplified and favorable terms, as Amega provides its clients with 1:20 leverage and 0.01% commission on all CFDs. These trading conditions make Amega one of the best brokers on the market.

You can also easily increase your capital and profits with a 150% bonus on your first deposit. For more information please visit:

With Amega, traders have access to over 30 currency pairs, metals, oil and cryptocurrencies.

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