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Psychology and Forex

Psychology and Forex
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Humanity is evolving every day, they find new drugs for diseases that were considered incurable 30 years ago, find a replacement for plastic, replace electricity with solar panels, create new opportunities for remote earnings.
Probably, only lazy people have not heard the term "Forex". Forex is the foreign exchange market or currency trading. It is on the Forex market that trading operations take place in all major currencies. Psychology is an important factor in trading, this will include the psychology of emotions, behavioral psychology, psychology of the imagination, as well as the visual ability of the individual.
According to research by analyst Martin Pring, who has been analyzing the markets for his whole life, selling affects the psychology of emotions - fear and hope. Fear is an acute reaction that occurs when a person's life is threatened and differs in intensity. The emotion of fear is the fear of investors about sharp falls in prices in the market.
Psychology and Forex

Psychology and Forex

Hope is an emotional experience that arises while waiting for an event. For example, when trading, a person hopes that the market will not fall in price, since it analyzes the preliminary sales that have brought profit. Hope can be justified, but not always, especially if it is applied to the foreign exchange market. When working on Forex, it should be remembered that it is not emotions that drive sales, but the strategies that have been used and brought positive results.
Behavioral psychology is also an important aspect of trading that should not be ignored. Quite often, the human brain makes clues when making decisions, but the hands do completely opposite actions, this is a spontaneous decision-making, thoughts that if a stock does not show bad results in a particular investor, then it is suitable for all cases that are carried out On the market.
It is believed that the visual ability of an individual to assess a situation is a strategy for success. The power of visualization helps to achieve the maximum level of professionalism. This is the ability to make a decision to continue a deal or stop, this is compliance with a previously formed earnings plan, as well as the ability to focus on trading.
Thus, we can conclude that psychology is an important factor that must be taken into account when working in the foreign exchange market, since emotions very often take over a person.

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