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What is social trading?

Social trading multi account
A relatively young concept in trading - social trading - could not go unnoticed among beginners as well as among experienced conservatives. We will explain what social trading is in this article. Social trading, to put it simply, is a popular phenomenon "bringing Forex to the masses". It concerns the area of online margin trading on Forex.
Social trading represents a certain mechanism of mutual assistance thanks to which the beginners can learn from the professionals, watching their actions. Professionals can also benefit from social trading because they can share their experiences.

Sometimes access is free, but it is rare. More often than not, information on trades one wants is obtained for a certain fee. For example, for execution of a monthly subscription. Thanks to this the circle of those to whom the "road" to Forex is "opened" considerably grows.
Social trading multi account

Social trading multi account

The application of social trading

Social trading is a great alternative educational option for beginners. It can also be a good way to "recover" after your own losses, because it is better to see how successful traders work than to read or listen to some blogger's stories (unrelated to Forex trading) about mythical opportunities in this area.

Interesting: the pleasant fact is that this kind of trading is universal. Social trading of binary options or social trading relating to another way of trading - it doesn't matter.

Social trading doesn't just work for professional market participants. It is also of interest to the investing party because investors now have the opportunity to follow the actions of a trader by copying them. Thus, they have an opportunity to increase their chances for success. Although drawdowns do happen among professionals, it is much rarer than among beginners who often lose their deposits almost immediately after opening an account. But thanks to social trading newbies can stay afloat and learn Forex trading skills by watching the process.
To understand whether social trading is useful or not, the reviews of traders who have such experience will definitely help. Most responses to this phenomenon are positive, which means that traders do not spend money on subscriptions in vain.

Advantages of social trading:

    Observing and learning - you don't have to subscribe right away. It is possible to observe other participants through online access to data on trades, learn, understand the functions of the service, the nuances of tracking statistics and choose a trader to "mirror" operations.
    Tracking. Provided that a client has chosen the appropriate trading strategies, there will be no problems with tracking traders' actions and selecting several providers for cooperation. This will allow you to form your own traders' "portfolio", the main purpose of which is risk minimization owing to diversification of trading approaches. There is also feedback from the supplier.
    "Mirroring". There are a variety of ways to make a profit by copying trades. For example, you can copy transactions selectively (manually) or set the automatic mode: all transactions, conducted by one or more traders, will be copied through the trading terminal of the investor. The degree of risk is controlled by regulating the volume of copied trades.
Before definitively deciding whether social trading suits you or not, we recommend visiting thematic resources and reading reviews of different companies providing "social" access. For example, one of the most popular is social trading multi account.

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