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Alien trading signals are a direct way to drain your deposit

Alien trading signals are a direct way to drain your deposit
As the popularity of binary trading grew, the number of trading signal providers increased, thanks to which there was no need to independently analyze the market and study technical analysis. Newcomers who were too lazy to comprehend such a complex science were very interested in this. They wanted quick and easy money, which they were promised in tempting banners on the Internet.

However, such services will not always serve you well. On the contrary, their suppliers themselves seek to make money on you, namely, so that you quickly drain your deposit to a specific broker. For this they will be entitled to a certain percentage of income.
Now there are a lot of information portals about binary trading. On some of them you will see offers for ready-made free signals that can give a winning probability of almost 100%. In this article we will try to find out how effective such earnings are and whether it is worth trusting your money to such deceivers.

The first question that should float into your mind at the sight of such free signals - why their developers have not yet become the richest people on the planet like Warren Buffett and George Soros? Why don't they use their signals themselves, but give them to complete strangers on the Internet, and even free of charge?
Alien trading signals are a direct way to drain your deposit

Alien trading signals are a direct way to drain your deposit

The answer is simple, they really do not understand anything about trading, and they make money solely by selling such signals. As you know, free cheese is only in a mousetrap, so such gifts should always alert you.

Another factor that should stress you is time. The market changes every second. And if somewhere there is a strategist and a guru from God who generates high-precision signals, then some time will pass from the moment of their appearance to publication. And the actual analysis of the market was carried out for a time that has long been in the past. Thus, when you see such a signal, it will simply not be relevant, since a lot of time has passed. Accordingly, when concluding a deal, the trader will only suffer losses.
The problem with the abundance of such scammers has actually been known for a long time. This is the uncontrollability of the binary trading sphere in Russia and the CIS countries. Of course, there are such commissions as the CROFR, but they are far from the level that is currently available in Europe. Now, in the era of Internet accessibility and high technologies, everyone, even a schoolboy, can become a trading guru. By the way, with a greater degree of probability, some enterprising student will churn out his "profitable" signals, sitting in his dorm, and sell them for a large sum to you, an adult, self-sufficient person.
Unscrupulous brokers also realized that the service of such signals is a real gold mine, with which you can make a lot of money. Thus, they set up independent sites with suppliers of similar signals and advertisements that the signals will work exclusively on their working platform. As you know, brokers make money on your losses, and following such signals, you simply donate your deposits to such companies.

Never trust free trading signals. Believe me, the world of trading is very cruel, only the strongest survive here. You need to be a predator, and ruthless. No one will lose the opportunity to grab their share of the delicious pie in the form of huge earnings in the financial markets. Therefore, nothing is never free here. Believe me, even in this case they earn money on you, and even a lot of money! Often behind this lies an affiliate program or other agreements with the broker itself to attract new customers.
Never believe an advertisement! Everything that is so beautifully painted there is a big deception.

Trust only yourself and your own trading strategy, practice it, improve it. And only in this case you will really make huge money. But this will never happen with free and paid signals.

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