Binary Options markets

Binary trading without risks

Binary trading without risks
If you want to be successful in the financial markets, then you need to learn not to believe the predictions and conclusions of other traders and analysts. One of the most common mistakes novice traders make is to become one of those underdogs who prefer to hang out in the crowd and do what the majority tells them to do.

Most believe in easy money, they want to achieve great heights without investing. Such traders will quickly find some simple trading strategy on the Internet or simply download a free (or God forbid, paid) robot to the Metatrader 4 terminal. After that, they just sit and believe that their trading account will grow without much effort. They want to receive money for the reason that they really need it due to their poor financial condition, and not because they really deserve it thanks to a well-conducted analysis of the market situation.
All of the above, of course, does not apply to experienced traders who have already learned from their bitter mistakes not to do all of the above. On average, an excellent indicator of profit is 15% per month of the total amount of your deposit. And this is a completely normal and adequate amount. 85% is already something of a fantasy, so immediately go down from heaven to earth - you will never be able to do this in the financial markets.

So, let's talk about the risks that accompany you throughout your career as a trader.
Binary trading without risks

Binary trading without risks

1. Financial markets themselves carry enormous risks.

The market is chaotic, in fact, no one can absolutely know exactly where the price will go in the future, since the market is not subject to anyone. Therefore, do not take on the even greater risks associated with options types with high 300% returns. Yes, there are now such Ladder options that can bring even 1500%, but they are very complicated and confusing. It is better to consistently earn 80% than to make mistakes on the Ladder ten times in a row, in the hope that in one profitable time you will cover all your losses.
2. The broker may turn out to be a scammer.

Yes, no one is immune from this, any company, no matter how strongly it would recommend itself, can abandon the client at any time and run away with all the deposits. If you have a lot of capital, for example, 10 thousand dollars, and you are worried about their safety, then it is better to open an account with a foreign broker, where it is the state that acts as a guarantor for the safety of your funds. At the very least, it will reduce your risks for this parameter.
Well, in general, when choosing a broker, always pay attention to the following points:

- work experience as a binary options broker must be at least 3 years. The bigger, the better.

- the company should not be in the shadows, that is, it should be known and heard by everyone.

- there should also be no complaints or previously damaged reputation, such as revocation of a license due to some violations, and so on.

- the number of clients should be large, since it is the trade turnover that affects the company's solvency.

- the broker should not impose his no deposit bonuses and other generous gifts on you, this all inevitably leads to loss and loss of money.

It is such a company that you can safely trust your funds.
3. Consider psychological factors and learn to control yourself.

It is extremely harmful to constantly stay at the monitor and closely watch the quotes. This leads to additional stress. Therefore, wean yourself from this habit.

At first, for complete confidence, try trading on paper or on a demo account.

The main enemy of a trader is passion and greed. They lead to the fact that a person begins to recoup and place bets without preliminary analysis. As a result, a person is seized by panic, fear of losing the entire deposit, he begins to resort to Martingale, and as a result, complete disappointment ensues.

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