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How not to drain your deposit in 3 days

How not to drain your deposit in 3 days
Binary trading rightfully belongs to one of the most highly profitable tools for making money in the financial markets. The opportunity to receive huge amounts of money that circulate in the currency and stock markets attracts all people without exception. Excitement and the desire to get everything at once are often included here. And how in such a situation can you restrain your emotions and not plunge into trading with your head? Everything is so simple here - a convenient platform, to start trading you need only some 300 rubles, and transactions are concluded by clicking on just one of two buttons - Higher or Lower.

Compared to Forex, which is full of all sorts of complex terms such as spread, leverage, bid and ask prices, Binary Options are extremely simple and straightforward. Well, you will not get a yield of 80% in any bank or other investment project.

This is what agitates people to become not traders, but players. Instead of thoughtfully analyzing the chart, they invest the entire amount of their deposit in the trade and hope at random. They expect to hit the jackpot like in a casino.

This approach has never been good. Believe me, it has been tested on the sad experience of millions of traders who do not trade, but play. Such people do not drain deposits even in three days, but in just a couple of hours.

So, how not to join such a crowd of losers, but learn how to properly manage your capital and not drain your deposits? There are some valuable tips that we will share with you now.
Competent money management and compliance with money management

It is imperative to keep your emotions to yourself. In trading, not only composure is important, but also strict discipline. To develop these qualities in yourself, money management principles will help you.

You should understand for yourself the main rules of money management before you choose a trading strategy. It is extremely important to follow them regardless of the style and method of making deals. Therefore, carefully study all aspects of money management before you fund your trading account with a real amount of money. It is very important. Believe me, as soon as you deposit funds into your trading account, you will be very tempted to start trading right away.
The main and most basic rule of money management is that you cannot invest in one transaction an amount exceeding 3-5% of the size of your deposit. And for beginners, it is generally recommended to reduce this parameter to 1-2%. Yes, with such an investment, you will not earn much. But at first, you shouldn't be chasing profit. Your main goal is to create a strategy that will allow you to break even at the end of the month.

You cannot trade profitably every day, the market is very unpredictable. There are both good and bad days. The main thing is to be in the black at the end of the reporting period (week, month). That is, that 70-80% of all transactions are closed in positive territory. For this reason, determine for yourself the number of losing trades you can afford. For example, upon reaching 3 such losses, completely stop trading until the next day. It is better to engage in the analysis of your mistakes and self-study.
How not to drain your deposit in 3 days

How not to drain your deposit in 3 days

This will help your emotions to calm down and come to your senses. People often drain deposits under emotion after a series of failures. They are seized with a great desire to win back losses, they fall into a sense of excitement and begin to make deals at random. Moreover, they resort to the Martingale principle, according to which, for each unsuccessful trade, the investment amount must be doubled. This is the first thing that leads to a quick drain of the deposit. You won't even have time to blink an eye.
Availability of a trading strategy

If you mindlessly enter into transactions on a chaotic basis, based only on your intuition, you are guaranteed to drain your deposit in the shortest possible time. Therefore, to be successful, you need to find at least a basic tactic, a kind of template. And then, using the testing method, bring it to perfection, changing the parameters or adding new indicators.

So gradually, in small steps, you will move towards the fact that you will conclude as many profitable trades as possible. Feel free to experiment. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your tactics, then feel free to change it! Do not be afraid to delve into the settings, change the periods and types of Moving Averages, and so on.

If you still have fear, then test your chosen trading tactics on a demo account. Now almost all leading self-respecting brokers provide it completely free of charge and without any restrictions.
Emotional control and total concentration

The psychological aspect plays an important role. Give two traders the same strategy and their outcome is more likely to be different: one will succeed and the other will drain his deposit. The reason lies in emotions.
Some people cannot cope with fear, greed and excitement. They begin to see signals where, in principle, they cannot be! And all because they want to enter the market as soon as possible, watch the quotes. This is the kind of adrenaline addiction that the lion is prone to a different proportion of all traders.

It is highly discouraged to open several deals at the same time. Better to focus on just one at first. The market will always give you the opportunity to make money, believe me! You have absolutely nowhere to rush.
The most important thing in trading is the start. If you develop discipline from the very beginning, learn to retain emotions and not be distracted by various factors, then in the future such a model of behavior will become the norm for you. Your trading efficiency will increase significantly.

Only professionals can control their deposit when several transactions are open at the same time. Therefore, beginners should immediately forget about this trading style.

Don't go after quantity. The most important thing for you now is quality!
In addition, concentrate on two, maximum three trading assets. Explore from the inside out, both technical and fundamental. You must be aware of all the events that have had and are capable of having an impact in the future. Well, if you spray on different assets and rush from one to another every day, then nothing good will come of it.

Agree, there is nothing complicated. The most important thing is attitude. Therefore, at the beginning of your career, use all of the above tips to achieve the best results in the future!

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