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Binary Options - A Gamble Or A Serious Job?

Binary Options - A Gamble Or A Serious Job?
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The popularity of binary options has skyrocketed. Now on the Internet you can find so many obtrusive advertisements from brokers and their partners that inadvertently one might get the impression that options trading is a veiled gambling.

Brokers only exacerbate this opinion, calling binary options an extremely simple tool. Supposedly, you only need to press one of the two keys - and you will definitely find yourself in profit. And the profit is promised here, well, very fantastic! You can become a millionaire in a short time.

Today we will talk about what real binary options are and whether it is worth believing them, counting on serious stable earnings on the network.

So, if you are reading this article, then most likely you already know the basic principle of working in binary trading - you need to choose where the price will go - Up or Down. Then simply conclude a deal with an expiration period of 1 minute to up to a year. Contracts with a term of 60 seconds are especially popular, although they are very risky and, we must admit, they practically do not differ from playing roulette, since technical analysis practically does not work on such short timeframes. But today is not about that.
Broker problem

In fact, there are also such unscrupulous companies that literally instill in us this spirit of excitement, creating special trading conditions. Therefore, people come here who have not achieved success in sports betting and in bookmakers.
Such brokers, first of all, position binary trading as something else like gambling. After all, modern binary trading is simply a bet on a rise or fall in prices. Moreover, you have no influence on trading volumes in the foreign exchange or stock market. You just place your bets. You are not a real stock speculator, since binary options themselves are not a financial instrument as such.

These are a kind of bookmaker's offices that conclude contracts with quote providers who also cooperate with real exchanges. Well, then you place bets on the rise / fall. All the money you deposit remains only within the broker. They are not introduced to the real market, therefore they do not create any volumes. For this reason, it is extremely unprofitable for a broker for a trader to be successful. After all, he can take all the money and bankrupt the broker. And the broker will pay only from the money that he has at his disposal.

How then to be? Statistics come to the rescue, within which only 10% of all traders are able to succeed. The rest 90% lose and steadily drain their deposits. It turns out that the broker will willingly pay this 10% winnings out of those deposits that most of the losers have leaked, and he himself will remain in a very huge profit.
Binary Options - A Gamble Or A Serious Job?

Binary Options - A Gamble Or A Serious Job?

Those brokers that are exclusively aimed at gamblers who come from sports betting have a primitive trading platform. It is often crude, with only two classic contracts. No Borders or One Touch, Ladder or Couples. Everything here is tailored to the stakes. Moreover, it is also a problem with expiration dates - there are a very limited number of them.

Well, no technical analysis can be carried out in such a crude terminal due to the complete absence of indicators and graphical tools. Only if the "majority opinion". All this is done on purpose so that the trader makes deals solely based on luck, so that he cannot predict the correct price movement using indicators, because then the advantage will be clearly on the trader's side.

Yes, some people are lucky in life. Perhaps they will be lucky in binary options as well. But this will not be a stable income, but so - from time to time.

How should a real professional broker terminal look like? Take a look at Live Chart and Metatrader 4 and you will understand the difference.
The problem is in the trader

Excitement is the main enemy of modern traders. It is extremely important to overcome this ailment in yourself, which leads directly to the drain of the deposit. Why does this happen? The fact is that getting excited, a person can no longer stop. He makes deals inappropriately, not according to his trading tactics. There is a desire to win back losses by any means. Sometimes the Martingale method even comes into play, which is already extremely dangerous!
There is a huge difference between a gambler and a trader. The player enters into trades based on luck, while the trader enters into trades based solely on his well-thought-out trading strategy. The player is impulsive, emotional, easily gives in to emotions, can become euphoric over victory and depressed over loss. The trader is cold-blooded and without emotional, discipline is paramount for him.

Those people who place bets at bookmakers, for the most part, rely on luck. But a trader, concluding a deal, is completely confident in his victory, since his decision is based on a competently conducted professional technical analysis.

Strategy is his key to success! Without it, you will be an ordinary gambler, of which 90%. They are the ones who are guaranteed to drain their deposits sooner or later.

So what can you do to avoid joining the ranks of these losers?
First, you must learn to trade not blindly, but based on your trading strategy. You must clearly understand it in detail, it doesn't have to be complicated. It is imperative to find tactics that are profitable. There are a lot of formulaic ready-made tactics now, but they are all raw. It is best for you to create the very tactics yourself that will fully suit your requirements and trading style. But be prepared that this can take a long time.

In general, it is a person who, from a psychological point of view, determines what binary options are for him - a serious business or a gamble? If you want excitement, then be sure to get it and you will not enter into medium-term transactions based on technical analysis. You will trade turbo options to tickle your nerves.
Well, if this is a serious business for you, then first of all you will accumulate capital, you will learn a lot and create your own tactics, hone it on a demo account, and then, if the result suits you, you will go to a real account and trade already large.

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