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How to combine Forex and Binary Options

How to combine Forex and Binary Options
It is no secret that Forex has enriched many people. Then if it brings quite good dividends, why give it up? With the advent of binary options, many Forex traders began to massively migrate to binary options. And there are reasons for this, because the potential income that BOs can bring is significantly higher. And what can we say about that simplicity - even a schoolchild can master such a tool in just 5 minutes.

On the other hand, Forex, like binaroks, has its own essential features and advantages. Therefore, more and more often the question arises - how to combine these two types of instrument, and is it necessary to do it?
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Experienced pros often combine these two types of trading, and there is nothing difficult about it. True, some trading tactics will not work in Forex, while others are not designed for binary options. Below we will look at specific examples of combining, which have already borne fruit in the form of even greater profits in the financial markets.
1. Conduct simultaneous trading in the Forex terminal and binary options. Let's say you initially work in Forex. After analyzing the market, you realized that the price of the USD / JPY currency pair will go up. You also know approximately how long the growth will continue. Thanks to this, you can successfully conclude a deal on the BO. A successful trader can predict not only the direction but also the strength of the trend. And this will help to roughly determine how long the current trend will stretch.
How to combine Forex and Binary Options

How to combine Forex and Binary Options

For this reason, you can further increase your income if you are completely confident in your prediction. Nobody bothers you to open the terminal of the binary options broker in the second tab and calculate the expiration time as an additional parameter.
2. Automation of trading is now very popular in Forex. Moreover, 90% of all existing advisors and robots on the market are developed exclusively for the Metatrader 4 and 5 terminal. Therefore, no one bothers you to choose the most suitable advisor, set it up and calmly receive your passive income. Well, in your free time, you can indulge in binaries.
3. Trading in Forex requires much more settings and parameters - you must correctly calculate pending orders stop loss, take profit, leverage and so on. We recommend that you determine the main and main trend by concluding a deal with the trend in Forex, placing all the necessary orders in advance. While your trade is open in Forex, you can simultaneously enter short-term trades with the trend in binary options. Many pros trade long-term with the trend in Forex and short-term on corrections along the main trend in the binaries.
4. You can combine these two financial instruments in another way. As you know, Forex is open only on weekdays. But with the advent of binary trading, it became possible to work on weekends on OTC quotes. If you are a staunch opponent of OTC quotes, you can trade cryptocurrencies that have become so popular recently. Work on them is carried out 24/7.

5. Use universal technical analysis indicators that show excellent results on two instruments at the same time. Let's say the Relative Strength Index RSI shows a trend reversal. And there is no need to remind that such a reversal will occur both in the Forex market and in the BO terminal. Unless, of course, you have run into a scammer who twists quotes. Simply by making a deal in one terminal, you switch to another. It's a matter of a couple of seconds.

Combining Forex and Binary Options is not difficult at all. The main thing is desire and patience. While one large and long-term Forex trade lasts, you can keep yourself busy with short-term trades in the BO terminal. For example, scalping is completely unprofitable in Forex. But BO is an ideal place for scalping trading.

Follow all the above recommendations, and the combination of these two financial instruments will not cause you any problems.

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