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Dash launches app, for retail

Dash launches app, for retail
The app allows users to pay for everyday purchases at national chain stores with their DASH funds.
Blockchain-based payment network Dash, has launched a non-custodial, user-driven retail app to encourage merchants to distribute the cryptocurrency.
Dash launches app, for retail

Dash launches app, for retail

The app, dubbed DashDirect, allows users to pay for their everyday purchases at national chain retail stores with their DASH (DASH) assets, according to a press release posted on CoinDesk.

DashDirect users can qualify for discounts of up to 12 percent on their purchases, the company said. Participating retailers and online retailers include American Eagle, AutoZone, Best Buy, Chili's, Chipotle, CVS, DoorDash, GameStop, Home Depot, Subway and Ulta.
"DashDirect is a retail instant savings app that allows you to spend DASH cryptocurrency at more than 155,000 stores and 125 websites in the United States," said Marshall Greenwald, CEO of CrayPay and founder of DashDirect.
This puts Dash ahead of Bitcoin in terms of adoption as a payment network. Data tracked by CoinMap. org, shows that bitcoin (BTC), the best cryptocurrency by market value, was accepted at 22,883 locations worldwide in late June.

The app uses the official Dash wallet to facilitate transactions and money transfers when users check in. In addition, users do not have to pay currency exchange fees.
The product, created by CrayPay, an Arizona-based fintech company in partnership with the Dash Core Group, is backed by the Dash Investment Foundation.

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