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Mastercard launched Start Path program

Mastercard launched Start Path program
Transnational financial corporation Mastercard announced that it has successfully launched the Start Path program. A platform for engaging with cryptocurrency and blockchain startups to help the best projects at a later stage maximize their chances of success. Within the framework of the program, development support and assistance in formation will be organized for projects.
The international payment system Mastercard has developed and launched the Start Path program to work with promising startups that are built around digital and blockchain technologies. With platform support, projects are a way, for example, to create marketplaces for NFTs, launch new digital assets, or develop cryptocurrency wallets. Start Path will give projects access to analytics, new partnerships and other tools to gain an edge.
Mastercard launched Start Path program

Mastercard launched Start Path program

Start Path partners from Mastercard

Seven companies have joined Mastercard's Start Path program so far. These include GK8, Domain Money, Mintable, SupraOracles, STACS, Taurus, and Uphold. Together with giant electronic payments, they will work to bring the latest innovations to the world of digital assets. The platform will also make it easier for both retail and institutional investors to work with cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.
Mastercard partners have extensive experience in providing services related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Thanks to this collaboration, startups have gained an edge in the marketplace. GK8 is a cybersecurity company that offers highly reliable custodian technology for digital asset management. Domain Money is a platform for investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. Mintable is a marketplace for NFT tokens.
SupraOracles is a decentralized network of oracles for private and public networks. STACS is a fintech company committed to providing transformative technologies for the financial industry. Taurus is a holistic platform that allows clients to digitize and tokenize any type of private asset.
And, for now, the latest Start Path partner from Mastercard, Uphold, is a cloud-based financial services platform. With such an opportunity, all potential opportunities to get minimal risks and obstacles in its path.

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