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Study: Americans trust NFT investments more than Brits

Study: Americans trust NFT investments more than Brits
Two cryptocurrency trends stood out last year and this year: NFT and DeFi. Billions of dollars have poured into sectors that many didn't know existed before. The Piplsay platform conducted a survey among Americans and Brits to see what users thought of NFT today.
The Piplsay platform surveyed about 40,000 respondents in September: 30,870 U.S. residents and 9,170 U.K. residents. The company's specialists conceived such a survey in order to assess consumers' current attitudes toward the NFT sector, news.bitcoin reported.

Not long ago, hardly anyone would have been able to support a conversation about NFTs, as there wasn't much information about non-interchangeable tokens, and most people simply didn't know anything about them. However, 2020 and 2021 changed that. With the growth of the NFT and DeFi sectors, more and more users are becoming aware of them.
Study: Americans trust NFT investments more than Brits

Study: Americans trust NFT investments more than Brits

Recently, several surveys were conducted with between 1,000 and 10,000 people to explain users' attitudes toward the NFT sector.

In December 2020, there was talk of a survey that showed that the NFT market had much more room to grow, and it paid off. A few months later, during the height of the NFT hype, one survey found that 3 out of 4 sports fans were skeptical about the longevity of investing in NFT.

The Piplsay survey turned out to be much larger than the aforementioned. The platform's team was able to collect data from more than 40,000 Americans and Britons.
According to the data, 48% of Americans surveyed consider NFT to be a "good and safe investment," but only 22% of British residents think the same. 18% of Americans have already invested in NFTs, while only 5% of Britons have done the same. It is also noted that 44% of Americans believe that NFT is not going anywhere, although only 27% of Britons think so.

The survey is very recent: it was conducted September 3-5 this year among users aged 18 and older.
Some more statistics

When respondents were asked their personal opinion about NFT, 50% of Americans said that they did not have an opinion on it or they did not know anything about it, while 68% of the British respondents did the same.

32% of Americans believe the NFT is a "revolutionary concept" and only 15% of Britons agree with this statement. 18% of Americans consider NFT a "ludicrous concept" and 17% of Britons agree.

NFT is not considered a good or safe investment by 24% of Americans and 45% of Brits in the Piplsay survey. And 19% of U.S. respondents thought such investments might be "good but not safe." 21% of Brits saw the same thing, and only a small fraction of Americans and Brits identified NFTs as "safe but good" investments. The platform also broke down the survey results by demographics: "41% of Millennials in the U.S. have personally invested in NFT, compared to 33% of Generation X and 26% of Generation Z."
The researchers also noted, "45% of millennials in the U.K. have personally invested in NFT compared to 37% of Generation Z and 18% of Generation X." In addition, they concluded, "Game-related NFT is most popular among Gen Z in the U.S. (18%), while brand-related NFT is most popular among Millennials (17%) and Generation X (17%)."

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