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What is Nicehash service?

What is Nicehash service?
There are many applications, platforms, apps on the cryptocurrency market with a variety of functionality, profitability, development dynamics. Many of them are similar in their structure, but there are some that are unique. The cloud mining service NicaHash can be attributed to them. Cryptocurrency news periodically mentions it, pointing out that this service is one of the most famous in the field of mining.

Features of Nicehash

If you look at the technical documentation of the platform, we can say in simple words that Nicehash is a kind of brokerage market that functions online. It unites those who buy and sell mining power with each other. Selling mining capacity in this market is the safest for users.

However, there is a misconception that this capacity selling service is similar to cloud mining. It is not. The platform is not in the business of renting capacity, only linking users who engage in it with each other.

Vendors can make money on Naishesh by using the simple NiceHash Miner app. NiceHash Miner has a feature that allows users to automatically sell capacity at the best possible price. In turn, buyers have access to the appropriate mining power on the main algorithms. The payment model that exists on the market allows the buyer to participate in bidding for mining power online.

Mining on Naishash has some differences from what exists on other platforms. This applies primarily to users.
What is Nicehash service?

What is Nicehash service?

Types of users

There are 2 types of users on the market. These are power buyers. They choose the crypto-asset they want, the mining pool, set the price they can pay for the service, and place orders. After the order is filled by the miners, the buyer has the right to get the crypto-asset that was mined by the pool. This is very beneficial for the buyer because he does not have to mine, watch the dynamics, or study analytics himself. He also doesn't need to spend money to buy the equipment to mine the coins.

Power Vendors. They install and run the software from the platform so that the mining process runs smoothly. They also connect their processing power to orders and servers. NiceHash miners direct the power to the pools chosen by the buyers. Confirmation fees are accepted in Bitcoins. As NiceHash miners point out, the process is almost completely automatic.

Another difference from standard mining is that the power is not purchased from companies, but from users. This method has certain advantages.


Users can regulate the amount of power and the period of use by themselves. Payments can be made based on capacity usage. Orders can be canceled. The user can also choose a pool for themselves and get detailed statistics on the status of orders.

What cryptocurrencies can be mined on Naiseche

It is possible not only to mine Bitcoin, but also other popular cryptocurrencies. These include Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Zcash, Altcoin. In order for a user to use the services of the platform, he must first register.

To do this, he goes to the official portal of the platform, enters a password, E-mail address, confirms the user agreement, completes the registration process.

Personal account: overview

After completing the registration process, the user can use the functionality of the personal account. The main page has several sections. In particular, these are active wokers, active orders, withdrawal history, the current balance.

The user can customize the interface by selecting the language, the currency in which later will be displayed the main sums. He can also change the receipt of notifications in the system for events. In addition, he can view the information in a private office about the sessions, get the keys to embed the API-project, activate the purchase order, pre-confirming the code by E-mail. One of the interesting features of the platform is the calculator

Nicehash calculator

Nicehash calculator has a lot of users, and not only from the platform. It is convenient, easy to use. The user chooses his device, it can be an asic, or GPU, chooses a cryptocurrency. It will then display the possible income, spending on electricity.

It is enough to press the "Calculate" button, and then the calculator shows the data, the possible profit for a day, a week or more. You can customize the calculator by adding devices that are not on the list.

How can I buy power?

In order to start the process of mining, you must first register. Next, you need to deposit at least 0.005 BTC, choose an algorithm, a currency for mining, a pool. Creates an order, specifies the algorithm, other parameters.

How to sell power

To sell capacity, the user must install the NiceHash program on his PC. The program automatically monitors the situation on the crypto market. With the help of the program, you can rent your capacities and then receive income for it. The program supports different algorithms, you can withdraw money to the Bitcoin wallets, as well as on Payeer.

How can I withdraw money and is it easy to do?

To withdraw money from Nicehash, the seller must first reach a threshold of at least 0.001 Bitcoins, after that the payment will happen automatically to the wallet. Payments are made only in Bitcoin!

Funds are withdrawn to internal purses of the service once a day, as well as to external accounts. Users do not have any problems with the withdrawal.

Nicehash earning forecasts for 2021

Regarding the predictions of earning with the platform, there are no exact estimates here. Much depends on the equipment used, the general situation on the market related to mining. At the same time, Nicehash provides all the opportunities to make a decent profit.

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