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Forex - a no-loss strategy exists or not?

Forex - a no-loss strategy exists or not?
It is no secret that it depends on the correctly chosen Forex strategy whether the result of trading activity will be positive. Beginners find descriptions of ready-made strategies on the Internet, but any of them were previously created by a professional with experience in the foreign exchange markets.
Among the many methods of trading on Forex, there are strategies that can be used to avoid losses.

Forex activity without loss

What is meant by a strategy that allows you to avoid losses when conducting trading operations in the foreign exchange market? In order to avoid losses, traders, making deals, try to go to zero. It is this result that is called a break-even trade. But the question arises: how can you increase your income in this way? This is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, because with the correct use of such strategies, losses can be zero.
Types of strategies

Great master

The use of such a method of doing business in Forex is possible on any of the existing platforms, which is an additional plus. When choosing currency pairs, it is best to stay on AUD / USD and EUR / AUD on which it is best used. You can choose any type of timeframe.

If you open two weekly charts of currency pairs at the same time, you will notice that if one pair is going up, then the second is definitely going down and vice versa. How it works?

One pair can only be used for shopping. The mirror-like nature of the two pairs makes it safe to simultaneously open deals on one or the other pair, but with a small take profit. The trader will receive a certain profit, or be able to go to zero.


This simple strategy is based on positive swaps. As you know, if some of the positions opened by a trader on Forex have not been closed, then a swap is charged for each of them once every 24 hours. How can this be used?

There are three options:

    the investor closes positions upon reaching a certain amount;

    the market does not respond, but the amount of the accrued swap is partial compensation;

    the market changes insignificantly, but the swap is charged anyway.
Forex - a no-loss strategy exists or not?

Forex - a no-loss strategy exists or not?

It turns out that all closed positions will be profitable. Using such a strategy makes it possible not only to go to zero, but also to get income.
Long-term trading activity

This method implies the use of swap-free accounts. Only such accounts on Forex make it possible to keep a deal open for as long as you like without the risk of negative swaps. By opening a deal, a trader makes a long-term forecast for the movement of a currency pair. Closing occurs only when sufficient profit has been accumulated. The use of such a relatively simple way of doing business in the currency market allows you to have only profitable transactions on your account.

Most traders use this strategy when starting out. This method of operating in the foreign exchange market without losses has been used for a long time and gives excellent results. Its implementation is possible if you have a sufficient deposit, because you will have to open a large number of transactions in a row.
You need to start with the minimum lot and, in case of loss, the next deal should be opened taking into account the return of losses and profit. If you win, the scheme should be repeated. It is necessary to calculate in advance the possible number of open trades. If the amount of capital does not allow you to open at least 10 positions, then you should not use this strategy. It is best used in case of flat or trend.
Should you use these strategies? This question cannot be answered unequivocally. But it must be remembered that activity in the Forex market is absolutely lossless - just a myth.

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