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How to make money on the Forex exchange without experience and knowledge?

How to make money on the Forex exchange without experience and knowledge?
If you are new to the Forex exchange, then it will be difficult for you to understand its features without the initial knowledge of conducting financial transactions of this kind. After all, you need to plan your own technology and trading tactics. And for this you will have to master a lot of mathematical, economic, financial literature, familiarize yourself with the tactics of other traders with a certain level. This can take years.
In fact, Forex is not that difficult. Everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance. It is important to understand the mechanism and make the correct calculation.
How to make money on the Forex exchange without experience and knowledge?

How to make money on the Forex exchange without experience and knowledge?

Any specialist can help you in this matter. But he is unlikely to agree to give you constant free consultations, draw up a plan for entry and exit, as well as promotion on Forex. These three tasks are the main ones in the market. Although there are consultations on how to work at tenders. On the Internet, these services are provided by intermediaries, of course, not free of charge, but for a significant amount. But here you cannot be sure of the accuracy of forecasts and directions. Information may be out of date. This also applies to the created advisor programs that show good statistics in automatic mode, but are not suitable for consultations when every minute is precious. It is better to use daily forecasts of VTB according to Forex statistics.
These forecasts can be obtained on the VTB 24 website or on the Forex page. You can find operational information with Forex trading signals. It reflects the expectation of the results of trades, their direction, quotes of exchange rates, changes at any given time. And by clicking on several currencies, you can see their comparison by trading. If you do not trust this forecast, you can compare it with the materials of "Forex City". If the forecasts match, then you can start trading using the options "Stop loss" (closes the position if the price falls below a certain level) and "Take profit" (fixes the profit) at will. Usually, trading starts with comparing the euro and the dollar, by typing statistics, you can risk comparing another currency. You should be very careful and have a good reaction in order to take profit on time.
In addition to those indicated above, you can also use the signals of the MEPhI center, Alpari, and Forex-Line. The last newsletter is paid, so the second option is usually used.
World Forex knows trader George Bayer as a very experienced player, he gives very accurate forecasts. He opened his own website for mailing forecasts, but he does not send them out for nothing, but by subscription for $ 90 a month.
And the last tip, it is better for a beginner to start trading in a demo account, which will allow you to gain rating, statistics, develop tactics and the ability to make predictions, for comparison with other sources. Perhaps you will become a successful trader and earn more than Bayer. Good luck and success in your bidding.

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